w1Concrete Staining & Sealing

Whether it is a Patio, basement, office area, transform your plain looking concrete with our assortment of color stains.

You get these benefits from sealing your inside or basement concrete floors:

  • Provide a beautiful stained floor
  • Eliminate the problems of having carpet in the basement
  • Easy and simple to clean and maintain
  • Eliminate humidity and reduce Radon Gas in the basement
  • Total green flooring solution (no solvents)
  • Easy to clean up pet accidents – no smell entrapped in concrete
  • Healthier environment because floor does not dust
  • Healthier environment which mitigates mold growth when the floor is covered with a rug or carpet
  • More light reflectivity from the floor
  • Not damageable from flood waters
  • By mitigating humidity you will create a warmer environment
  • Sealed walls can be painted any color to enhance the room

Be sure to protect your concrete with various sealers available. We can apply either penetrating sealers or topical sealers for that shiny wet look.