The Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Solution 3oz Air Travel Size Spray Bottle


The Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Solution 3oz Air Travel Size Spray Bottle

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Neutralize Protein Allergens on Contact!
Safe & Effective

Tests to determine toxicity were conducted under good laboratory practices (GLP) by independent nationally recognized laboratories and in university studies. The active ingredient in Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Solution proved to have insignificant exposure risk to plants and animals.

The effectiveness of Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Solution has been confirmed in both independent laboratory analysis and in field tests by private and government sponsored studies. The results showed very effective reduction of allergens from dust mite, cat, dog and cockroach.

Directions for Use as a Spray

Clean by vacuum, laundering or steam cleaning before spraying. May be applied to most water washable fabrics. Do not use on “Dry Clean Only” items. Test an inconspicuous area for color fastness before overall application. Spray to dampen and penetrate surface including the undersides of upholstery, furniture, box spring, etc. A stiff brush or carpet rake will aid penetration on dense carpet pile. Do not saturate carpet or fabric. Allow to completely dry.

Directions for Use in Hot Water Vacuums

First clean using detergent per manufacture’s directions. Next add 2 oz. Anti-Allergen Solution to each gallon of clean warm water and apply to 50 sq. ft. as a final rinse This product is not a pesticide but may be mixed directly with THE ECOLOGY WORKS® DUSTMITE CONTROL to kill mites and neutralize protein allergens in one easy step.

Applied with a hot-water steamvac 32 oz. bottle treats 800 sq. ft.

Directions for Use in Washing Machines

Directions for Use in Washing Machine: add 1/4 cup to final rinse cycle for extended allergen reduction in regular machine washing, – even in cold water.

Directions for Use on Dogs and Cats

Dampen a clean cloth then wipe pet’s coat with Anti-Allergen Solution. Avoid face and eye area. Allow to air dry. Do not saturate coat. More frequent light applications work better than one heavy treatment.


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