Got Pets? Vital Oxide Gets Rid of Tough Pet Odors

stain_cleaningThe story you’re about to read is true.  Reader discretion is advised.

A few months ago we received a distress call from a customer who had returned from a vacation to discover an intruder in their home.  The damage this intruder caused was unimaginable.

No, it was not a burglar.  It was a… SKUNK! The creature had taken up residence inside the home for several days while the homeowner was away and offensively sprayed its atrocious odor through the entire house.

After the animal was finally caught and removed from the home, The Grime Stoppers were called in for damage control.  Armed with our trusted supply of Vital Oxide, we fogged the interior of the home and deep cleaned the carpets.  Within 24 hours, the intense odor that had plagued the space was nearly undetectable.

Now, the skunk obviously wasn’t a pet and this was a very extreme case of animal odor, but this true story does clearly demonstrate the impressive effectiveness of a Vital Oxide treatment.

What Causes Lingering Pet Odors?

For most homeowners with pets, lingering animal odors can be a problem.  Dogs, cats, birds, ferrets – you name it, we’ve probably cleaned up after it.  Vital Oxide is an advanced disinfectant that outperforms typical cleaners by effectively destroying the biofilms that cause tough pet odors.


Biofilm at 1200X Magnification

A biofilm is a microscopic colony of bacteria and germs that is strong and resistant to most cleaning agents.  As you can imagine, pet messes like bathroom accidents and vomit can easily become a source for biofilms if not properly treated.  Once established, a biofilm will continue to grow rapidly, usually accompanied by an unpleasant odor.

Unless you address the underlying source of the odor (the bacteria), no amount of air freshener or topical cleaner will help.  Vital Oxide is different, however, because it is specifically designed to sanitize, disinfect and sterilize surfaces to eliminate germs and bacteria at the microbial level.

Vital Oxide is an EPA-registered disinfectant that is proven to effectively kill 99.999% of all bacteria.  When applied with a steam cleaner, it will remove smoke particles and pet stains from carpets and other fabric fibers. Vital Oxide can also be professionally sprayed to attack odors and harmful spores in the air.  It will get rid of all foul odors in your home without leaving behind any chemical residue.  Vital Oxide is non-toxic and completely odorless so your home will simply smell pure and fresh.

Lingering pet odors from urine, fecal matter, vomit, slobber, dander and any other nastiness are most likely spreading through your home on the back of a resilient biofilm.  To stop the stink in its tracks, contact The Grime Stoppers today and ask about our Vital Oxide treatments for odor control in your home.