Help! I Spilled Red Wine On My Carpet…Now What?

red-wine-stainsEver had this problem?  You’re having a great time until the agonizing moment when you accidentally spill a glass of red wine on your carpet.

Panic sets in, but have no fear! The Grime Stoppers are here!

When treated quickly and correctly, red wine doesn’t have to ruin your carpet.  We have some handy tips and tricks to tackle the stain before it sets in.

You will need the following:

  1. Paper towels or several clean, absorbent white cloths
  2. A spray bottle filled with clean water

Blot Don’t Scrub!

One of the worst things you can do to any carpet stain is scrub it.  Vigorous back and forth motions will only push the liquid around and further down into the carpet fibers, setting in the stain and making it more difficult to remove.

Instead, get a clean, absorbent white cloth and immediately try to blot up as much of the liquid as possible.  Blotting means to gently dab the cloth up and down over the spill.  Do not use too much pressure; just let the absorbency of your cloth do most of the work.  Try not to move the fibers of your carpet around because you’ll only expose the liquid to a larger surface area. If you have stain resistant carpet, the technology should help repel the moisture for a little while, but you need to act quickly.  The more red wine you can soak up with your blotting cloth, the less you’ll need to extract from the carpet later.

Add Water… Then Blot Some More!

After you’ve blotted up as much of the standing liquid as you can, spritz the stain with clean, cold water.  This will help dilute the remaining wine and allow you to blot up a bit more color.  Continue this process until your white cloth is no longer picking up any trace of red wine.

Do NOT Apply OTC Chemical Cleaners!

In most cases, just the first two simple steps will clean up the mess and leave your carpet stain-free.  If you still see some color, however, please resist the urge to do more yourself!  Red wine is an organic stain that can easily be removed with professional-grade stain removal systems, but if you apply chemical solutions to it (like over-the-counter cleaners), you might set the stain or worse, damage your carpet beyond repair.

Instead, call the Grime Stoppers and we will come to your rescue with our eco-friendly, non-toxic Procyon spot treatment and professional extraction equipment. In the end, your carpet will show zero evidence of the wine crime.

Even if you missed your window of opportunity and it seems that the stain has already set in, call us right away and we can help!  Our advanced carpet cleaning technology will work wonders.