Is Your Ceramic Tile a Safety Hazard?

caution lobby mop bucket and signMany people have ceramic tile floors in their home or business. They might look great, but when the floor gets wet from a substance, they can become slippery and dangerous to walk on. People can slip and fall, causing injuries—a liability no business or homeowner wants to face.

Use “Caution” Signs to Prevent Injuries

Some spills and wet flooring cannot be predicted, but there are ways of warning people passing by of the potential danger. If the floor has just been mopped, a spill just cleaned up, or a leak being taken care of, having a “Caution: Wet Floor” sign in certain places can help avoid accidents.

Common Areas for Slippery Floors

There are several areas in many facilities that are susceptible to wet or slick floors on a daily basis. These include:

  • Restrooms and shower areas
  • Food preparations areas
  • Entryways and exits
  • Medical areas
  • Janitors’ closets
  • Gyms and Locker Rooms

These floors must be checked frequently. Any spills should be taken care of immediately to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

What Makes the Floor Slick?

Many things can cause a slippery floor. Some of these are:

  • Furniture polish or glass cleaner overspray
  • Ice melting compounds in entryways and exits
  • Powder residue
  • Dirt and grit
  • Grease spills in the kitchen
  • Improper use of cleaning solutions

Protecting Against Slippery Floors

Some solutions to the above slippery floor causes include:

  • Avoiding overspray by spraying furniture polishes and glass cleaners directly onto the cleaning rag instead of the surface to be cleaned
  • Cleaning ice melting products as soon as possible and laying down a non-slip mat
  • Dust-mopping the floor after using powder products and to remove dirt and grit
  • Cleaning grease spills with a degreasing cleaner
  • Measuring detergent and cleaners properly

Specific Flooring Types

There are specific flooring types that will be more slippery than others. These include marble, tile, and terrazzo. Marble and tile flooring are very common in kitchen and bathroom areas due to them being easy to clean, but they can present a hazard when they get wet or if a slippery substance is spilled.

Slick Floor Solutions

In addition to our daily floor cleaning products, The Grime Stoppers also offers options for floor sealers and anti-skid products that can be applied to maintain your floors and provide protection to the floor and the people who walk on them. Some of the benefits of these solutions include:

  • Improved traction on floor surfaces
  • Surfaces are easier to clean
  • Provides excellent stain resistance
  • Reduces slip and fall risks
  • Improved finish maintenance
  • Impervious to standing water

There are many challenges to maintaining a floor. It is an ongoing job to determine the cause and then find a solution. If you have questions or concerns and need to talk to an expert, contact The Grime Stoppers today for a free consultation.