We Survived Winter, But Now It Is Time For Spring Cleaning!

Spring-Cleaning-ADIt’s been a long, cold winter, but spring is almost here!  We’re betting that like us, you’re ready to open up your home and start enjoying some warmer weather and fresh air.

We know, however, that once you open up your windows and get out in the yard, you’ll invite more than spring air inside.  Dirt, mud, pollen, and debris are also likely to make their way into your living spaces.

To help you keep your home fresh and healthy this spring season, we have a few simple cleaning tips and tricks.

Catch Dirt with Door Mats

If you don’t already have door mats on the both the inside and outside of your entryway doors, now is the time to get some.  A durable, textured welcome mat outside can catch large particles and debris from shoes before people enter your home, then a softer mat on the interior side of the doorway will help catch finer dirt and pollen before it gets tracked throughout your house.

House Rules: Wear House Shoes!

Did you know that bare feet and soiled socks are actually worse for your floors than wearing shoes?  The oils on the bottom of your feet create a film on hard floors and carpets that isn’t easily cleaned away.  If you really want to keep your home clean and protect your flooring, enforce a house shoe rule.  Once your family steps inside, insist that street shoes come off and dedicated house shoes go on.

Vow to Vacuum

This seems obvious, but you might be surprised how much of a difference regular vacuuming can make.  We would recommend that you vacuum all the floors in your home at least once a week, and aim to tackle high traffic areas like entryways and kitchens more often.  The longer dirt and debris is left on a floor, the more likely it is to bond with oily residues and become embedded in carpet fibers and lodged in the crevices of hard floors.  When this happens, it can become a breeding ground for biofilms and tough odors.

Mop Like You Mean It

You’ve probably seen infomercials for floor cleaning tools where dirty mop water just gets pushed around the floor.  While those videos are grossly extreme, there is validity in the basic concept.  When you mop your floor, make sure you use a clean mop and be careful to change your mop water when you can no longer see to the bottom of your mopping bucket.  If you prefer using disposable or reusable mopping cloths, you may need to use more than one to effectively clean all your hard floors.  We especially recommend swapping out your water or mopping cloth after cleaning a greasy kitchen floor or when cleaning around toilets.  You don’t want to spread that stuff around the rest of your home!

Use a Triple-Duty Glass Cleaner

Since most of the dirt in your home will be tracked onto your floors, that’s been the focus of the tips above, but this trick really plays triple duty.  After a long winter, your windows probably need a good scrubbing to let all that springtime sun shine through.  We suggest using a cleaning product that not only cleans the glass on your windows, but also will keep them clean for several months AND help purify the air in your home.  PURETi Fresh is a groundbreaking product that is environmentally friendly, odorless, and incredibly powerful.  Your glass will gleam and the air inside your home will be fresh and clean as well.

For more spring-cleaning advice from the green cleaning experts, contact Grime Stoppers today!