Introducing PURETi: The New Standard of Clean

pureti-logolargeIn 2007, the award winning Sustainable Building Program at Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) tested a new product for its continuing green initiatives.  The product was applied to the façade of a building and the effects of the product were observed over time.

In 2009, LACCD determined that the treated building had required substantially less maintenance than other buildings and appeared much cleaner.  The District then decided to capitalize on the success of the product and had another one million square feet of building roofs, windows and facades treated.

Clean, GREEN and Health-Enhancing: The Science of PURETi

PURETi is an innovative product developed to reduce maintenance and improve air quality through photocatalysisPhotocatalysis (also known as UV-PCO or photocatalytic oxidation) is a natural process that uses the mineral, Titania, as a catalyst to activate the energy of the sun for the purpose of oxidizing organic matter at the molecular level.

PURETi is a safe and effective mixture of Titanium Dioxide and water that can be applied to any surface that is exposed to UVA light.  The photocatalytic oxidation process will keep treated surfaces sanitized and free of particulate matter for an extended period of time.

  • A single PURETi treatment to exterior surfaces, such as windows, building façades, hardscapes, roofs, and outdoor fabrics is proven effective at reducing maintenance and mitigating air pollution for a minimum of 5 years.

Indoor surfaces, such as curtains, interior window glass and light fixtures, can be treated with PURETi to significantly improve indoor air quality, control odors, and minimize organic particulates that can negatively impact health for a minimum of 3 years.

PURETi Reduces Maintenance Costs Up To 50%

By eliminating the use of water, chemicals, energy and labor, PURETi can reduce maintenance costs by up to 50%.  Treated surfaces actually become self-cleaning, health-enhancing air purifiers.  A reduction in maintenance expenses also means a reduced cost of building ownership.

In addition to treating buildings, PURETi is also effective at reducing vehicle maintenance costs.  The photocatalytic oxidation process has been proven by NASA and several Universities to be effective in eliminating, not masking, odors in cars, trucks and busses.

Scientifically Proven for Safety & Efficacy

PURETi, Inc. is a NASA Dual Use Technology Partner and has been registered by the National Sanitation Foundation as safe for material surface contact.  It has also been proven as a key active in an FDA Registered Class II Medical Device for reducing respiratory distress.

Professional or Self-Application Options

PURETi can be professionally applied for commercial purposes, or it can also be purchased for residential applications.

Grime Stoppers is the ONLY company in the Metro East St. Louis area to offer this innovative product.  To learn more about what PURETi can do for your home or business, contact us today.