How Does PURETi Deliver Environmentally Beneficial Air Cleansing?

6.27fe0201pollutionreversal04With modern developments in nanotechnology that are just this side of magical, multiple surfaces are being treated with a spray-on coating called PURETi. Once applied, the treated surfaces themselves are actually becoming cleaning machines.

Billboards, windows, vehicles and buildings coated with PURETi are pulling pollutants like smog and other vehicle emissions out of the air. The coating also uses light to interact with dust, grime and even mold to keep surfaces cleaner.

PURETi Put to the Test

As reported in Newsweek*, PURETi’s developers tested their product in a section of one of the stickiest, grimiest spots in the country: a football stadium. The company that previously had to power wash Sun Life Stadium—home to the Miami Dolphins—knew within weeks that a sunny day was all that was necessary to achieve the same results as power washing. For the stadium, this meant a savings of up to $90,000 after every game!

The Science of Nanotechnology

Nanoparticles of titanium dioxide are the superstars of PURETi’s innovative formula. Titanium dioxide is the most common paint pigment in the world and is also found in sunblock, toothpaste and cosmetic products. In a process called photocatalysis, ultraviolet light energizes titanium dioxide molecules. The energized molecules interact with water molecules in the air, creating free radicals that eliminate vehicle emissions and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Air Cleansing Benefits of PURETi

While PURETi’s cleaning power makes the world a brighter place, it’s the unseen benefits that deliver the most value. The smog and VOCs that everyone is breathing take a toll on our health, especially children and the elderly. Even a seasoned marathon runner’s breathing is negatively affected after running near busy traffic. Inside, you can count on a coating of PURETi to reduce VOCs emitted by carpets, upholstery and paints. When PURETi pulls pollutants out of the air, everyone literally breathes easier.

Multi-tasking PURETi also prevents the build-up of dirt, grime and dust.  An ultra-thin coating of PURETi is not detectable to an object as big as, say, a human, but at the microscopic level it’s very slick. Tiny airborne particles that would otherwise equal a layer of gunk interact with the surface and convert to end products that slide off.

Amazingly Long-Lasting Effects

One professional application of PURETi lasts for up to three years inside and up to five years outside, providing full benefits the entire time. The cost of application is extremely affordable relative to the significant savings on supply and maintenance costs. Even if you aren’t power washing a football stadium, you’re likely to reduce required water, energy and chemicals to clean by half. When cleaning is easier, it’s also quicker, so labor costs are reduced, too.

The Grime Stoppers’ trained and certified PURETi application technicians use specialized spray equipment to deposit an ultra-thin film (25,000 times thinner than a business card) that dries in seconds and cures in hours to form an invisible polymer-like ceramic film that is durably bonded to the treated surface.

An added plus for new construction is that PURETi holds an SCS Global Services certification which makes it an Environmentally Preferable Product and point worthy in the LEED program of the U.S. Green Building Council.

Green nanotechnology that has a positive impact on your bottom line – now that’s what we call “beneficial!”

For more information about professional PURETi applications or to try the DIY version of PURETi, contact the Grime Stoppers today.


*The Newsweek article referenced can be found by clicking here.

With PURETi, Cleaning Surfaces and Purifying the Air Has Never Been Easier!

pureti-logolargePURETi is a sustainable, self-cleaning, odor-eliminating, air-purifying product that is activated by sunlight and very EASY TO USE. It is safe, environmentally friendly, and makes cleaning twice as easy once applied. While all of the benefits provided by PURETi seem too good to be true, the ease of application is really the unbelievable part. Whether you decide to treat your home or car individually or need a professional application by the Grime Stoppers to treat larger surfaces, PURETi is easy to apply and also makes cleaning easier in the future.

Easy DIY Application With PURETi Clean and Fresh

Using PURETi for personal use in your home or car is simple. PURETi Clean and Fresh is a window cleaner and odor eliminator that improves indoor air quality. It can be applied simply by spraying the interior surface of your windows and then wiping it clean with a microfiber towel. PURETi Clean and Fresh is environmentally friendly and eliminates odors, self-cleans with the power of light, and keeps windows cleaner by minimizing grime. Using PURETi Clean and Fresh in your home or car will keep your windows clean, provide neutral air, and destroy odor molecules.

PURETi Clean and Fresh isn’t just easy to apply; it also makes cleaning easier in the future. PURETi stops windows from becoming foggy or developing a film of dirt and grime over time. The titanium dioxide in PURETi is photocatalytic (meaning it is energized by the sun) to actually oxidize particulate matter that can build up between washes. PURETi Clean and Fresh is available for personal use in a 16oz spray bottle and in a smaller, convenient 3oz pump spray bottle. PURETi allows you to clean half as often and makes cleaning twice as easy.PURETi Fresh 3oz

If you decide to personally apply PURETi Clean and Fresh to your home or car, you should use it every three to six months for the best results. If you decide to have your home or vehicle professionally treated by The Grime Stoppers, application is still quick and easy and the treated surfaces are guaranteed for a minimum of three years.

Professional PURETi Application Technicians Make It Even Easier

Treating large surfaces like LED screens, roads, university posters, and roofs should be left to the professionals. The Grime Stoppers has certified PURETi application technicians that use special equipment to spray your surface with a thin layer of PURETi. The application takes minutes, the PURETi mist dries in seconds, and it only takes a few hours for the invisible polymeric film to cure and bond to the surface. Professional application is very quick and hassle-free, and the results last much longer.

Having your home, business, or property treated with PURETi saves you money and time. It saves you money by reducing energy, water, chemicals, and labor and saves you time by keeping surfaces twice as clean for twice as long and making cleaning twice as easy.

Where Can I Get PURETi?

The Grime Stoppers is the ONLY local business that offers PURETi products and professional application. If you are interested in individually treating your home or car, check out our DIY PURETi products, or contact us today to have a certified application technician professionally treat your home, business, or property.

Bright Lights, Big City—PURETi for LED Screens

halftimemessagesSeeing happy couples on a Jumbtron’s kiss cam is one of the fun diversions fans have come to expect at sporting events. Tourist visits to Times Square in New York City almost always include taking photos with Sony’s Jumbotron in the background. Even the outdoor LED screen in your hometown that provides time and temperature information is an important part of your everyday life.

The uses of LED screens are numerous, but they are often a major initial investment, not to mention ongoing maintenance costs including cleaning. Dirt, grime and dust all build up on LED screens, negatively affecting picture quality. When a business puts a message in lights, those lights need to shine brightly.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

The Grime Stoppers can help reduce maintenance costs of LED screens with our new product, PURETi—a safe, sustainable, light-activated product that not only reduces maintenance costs, but also transforms the LED screens of the world into self-cleaning, air purifying marvels. PURETi helps ensure that the intended big and bright impact of an outdoor LED screen is realized.

PURETi-treated surfaces need to be cleaned half as often and cleaning is twice as easy as untreated surfaces.  The environmental impact is substantial, reducing the required water, energy and chemicals used to clean by half.  When cleaning is easier, it’s also quicker, so labor costs are reduced as well.

Improve the View

PURETi also helps maintain high-end picture quality by actually preventing the build-up of dirt, grime and dust.  The coating interacts with the microscopic airborne particles would otherwise equal an image-blocking layer of gunk.  PURETi actually oxidizes particulate matter, so LED signs keep shining brightly. An additional benefit is that PURETi also eliminates VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and harmful greenhouse gases.  A PURETi-coated outdoor LED screen works for you and works for the environment.

Long-Lasting Benefits

One application of PURETi lasts for up to three years, providing full benefits the entire time. The cost of application is extremely affordable and is easily offset by the significant savings on maintenance costs. Side-by-side images of PURETi- treated and untreated surfaces after three years show that an untreated surface is like looking through a very thick, gray fog. It’s definitely not the way you intend your promotional message to be seen.

Fast Professional Application

The trained and certified application technicians with The Grime Stoppers use specialized spray equipment to deposit a very thin film that dries in seconds and cures in hours to form an invisible polymeric film that is durably bonded to the treated surface.

Environmentally Preferred

PURETi holds an SCS Global Services certification, which makes it an Environmentally Preferable Product and point worthy in the LEED program of the U.S. Green Building Council.  That certification is more than just a pat on the back. It’s an important detail for new construction when seeking tax credits.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of PURETi for your LED screen, contact The Grime Stoppers today. 

PURETi In Action: University Poster Eliminates Traffic Pollution

_74870907_74870906Eco-friendly.  Photocatalytic.  Air purifying.  Nanotechnology.

Talk about multi-tasking! PURETi is taking clean to a whole new level with industry-changing innovation.  The active nanotechnology in PURETi makes it possible for just about any item to do double duty.  A treated surface can be self-cleaning while also purifying the air around it.

A Sign of the Times – PURETi In, Pollution Out

What if objects around you could actually take poisonous compounds – that, up to now, you’ve been breathing – out of the air? That’s what’s happening right now on busy streets near the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom.

Large signs on University buildings are coated with PURETi, a revolutionary cleaning product that contains nanoparticles of titanium dioxide. The particles get excited when light hits them, which causes a reaction with oxygen. This reactivity creates an impressive cleaning effect like no other compound can.

Studies of the PURETi-treated University poster have revealed that the excited nanoparticles actually eliminate car, truck and bus emissions of nitrogen oxides.  Nitrogen oxides are invisible particles that have been linked to breathing problems, which particularly affect children, the elderly, and people with asthma, emphysema and bronchitis.  But nitrogen oxides also affect even the healthiest person. Take a walk or jog near a busy street on a hot, sunny day and you can’t help but notice increased breathing difficulties.

The  PURETi-coated sign at the University of Sheffield is roughly the size of a highway billboard and has been found to eliminate the pollution of 20 vehicles per day. Imagine if every sign, banner, light post, and bench in your community was coated with pollution fighters.  Even windows can be coated and used to purify the air. This product may literally make it possible for everyone to breathe easier.

The Power of PURETi is Scientific, Not Science Fiction

The nanotechnology used to create the PURETi coating for signs is advanced science. More and more everyday products are being combined with the tiniest parts of helpful molecules to create amazing results. Tony Ryan, the University of Sheffield professor who convinced his employer to install titanium dioxide signs on their buildings, is hoping to develop a laundry detergent with the same nanoparticles. He believes that clothes washed in this detergent would soak up pollutants.

Are people ready to wear a chemical reaction? A lot of investors think so and are connecting to products like Ryan’s laundry detergent and air purifying product coatings. The technology part of nanotechnology is so fine-tuned and precise (remember, it’s all happening at the sub-molecular level) that the nanoparticles do their job without negative side effects.  Even though the particles are excited and working hard, no activity can be seen or felt.

The nanotechnology itself is amazing… so a high product cost could be expected. But the price is very affordable relative to the results.  The PURETi coating for signs is long lasting and, as long as there is light, constant.  No special equipment or protective clothing is needed to install coated signs. A PURETi-treated billboard-sized sign can cost only about $200 more than an uncoated sign.

With sustainability and corporate responsibility becoming more important to consumers, investing in nanotechnology to fight air pollution is a very affordable way for businesses to support their home communities.

PURETi Science and Responsible Commerce: A Winning Combination

Excited inventors working with excited particles to clean the air, and excited companies using the technology as a way to be stronger community partners—PURETi is proof that science and commerce can work together to achieve amazing results that benefit everyone.

The Grime Stoppers is the ONLY local provider of advanced PURETi products.  If you would like to learn more about how PURETi can help your business or institution rise above the rest, contact us today or call (618) 223-8445.

Reduce Truck Fleet Maintenance with PURETi Fresh

transporttabKeeping the interior of your company’s fleet vehicles clean is just as important as keeping the outside clean.  You want clean windows and a fresh smelling interior for your employees and customers.  PURETi Fresh is the answer.

PURETi Fresh is an environmentally friendly, water-based photo-catalytic glass cleaner that also cleans the air.  PURETi Fresh’s active ingredient uses the energy from natural sunlight to break down organic grime, odor, and pollutants.  While in the sunlight, treated interior glass keeps itself cleaner, resists fogging, and improves the air quality inside fleet vehicles.  Just one application reduces smoke and food odors for months at a time.  It also helps minimize dust buildup on the dashboard because it oxidizes particulate matter.

Benefits of PURETi Fresh for Truck Fleet Maintenance

Improved Fleet Vehicle Interior Air Quality
PURETi Fresh breaks down VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) that impact human health.  It uses photo-catalytic titania to oxidize organic micro-particles including many harmful pollutants typically found in vehicles. 

Odor Elimination
When applied to interior windows on fleet vehicles, PURETi Fresh will deliver the benefit of powerful odor elimination.  Many products mask odors, but PURETi Fresh is different.  PURETi Fresh combines a high quality, streak-free glass cleaner with light-activated technology that actually destroys odors.  When your fleet vehicle is exposed to light after applying PURETi Fresh, the windows will work to destroy lingering odors.

Cost Savings
Cleaner surfaces mean reduced maintenance, saving your company up to 50% in water, energy, and labor costs.

The Problem with Dirty Fleet Vehicle Windows 

Hazing, fogging, and film buildup can obscure the driver’s vision.  The formula In PURETi Fresh reduces the hassle of regularly cleaning fleet vehicle windows because it keeps working even after the initial application.  Regular window cleaners only work for a day, but PURETi Fresh continues to work for months afterwards.

PURETi Fresh: Frequently Asked Questions


How long does PURETi Fresh last?  Under normal conditions, you can expect it to last 3-6 months.  Use of harsh chemicals or hard scrubbing can remove the product.

What if my fleet vehicles are parked in a covered garage and not out in the sunlight all day?  UVA light is the natural energy that powers PURETi Fresh.  Light must be present to utilize the benefits of the product.

What if I accidentally get PURETi Fresh on the leather or fabric of my fleet vehicle?  PURETi Fresh will not stain or damage most surfaces.  If you get some on your fabric or leather, simply wipe the area clean with a wet cloth before it dries.

Can I spray the outside of my windows with PURETi Fresh?  This product is specifically designed and approved for interior use only.

Contact Grime Stoppers today for more information or to order your supply of PURETi Fresh!

PURETi for Mass Transit – An Innovative Cleaning Solution for Buses

Multiple-School-BusesWe are really excited about the new PURETi product line and want to share some of the incredible ways this technology can be used in a wide variety of applications.  PURETi products are highly effective for residential uses, as we’ve discussed in earlier blog posts, but PURETi can also be extremely valuable for commercial purposes.

Just as it can help keep cars clean and odor-free, PURETi is an innovative cleaning product that can be used to help minimize maintenance and increase air quality for mass transit buses. The cleaning power of PURETi is also extremely long lasting, so just a single treatment can keep working for 3-6 months.

Self-Cleaning Windows

Have you ever thought about how much grime can build up on the inside of bus windows as passengers lean on and look out of them while traveling?   Just like any other passenger vehicle, bus interiors are exposed to hydrocarbons and petrochemicals that can be released by plastic materials, exhaust, particulate matter, and other compounds that are oily in nature.  These substances can quickly build up on windows, creating a dingy, dirty film.

It seems pretty obvious that transportation companies would want to control that nasty grime for improved passenger comfort and satisfaction.  The solution: PURETi Fresh.

This product is an environmentally friendly glass cleaner that uses natural energy from sunlight to safely break down and oxidize organic grime that can create a dirty film on windows.  The surface of the treated glass will stay cleaner for longer and will resist fogging better than with traditional cleaners.  This reduces labor costs related to cleaning bus interiors and also saves energy and resources over other cleaning methods.

PURETi Fresh not only helps keep windows clean for up to 6 months after being treated, but those windows also help keep the rest of the bus interior cleaner.

How? You ask.  PURETi not only works on the windows, but also works to oxidize particulates and malodors in the air.

PURETi for Buses: Improved Air Quality

The active ingredient in PURETi Fresh is titanium dioxide (TiO2).   The TiO2 compound in PURETi Fresh acts as a photocatalyst, harnessing the energy from natural sunlight to create a chemical reaction that oxidizes organic particulates.  When applied to the interior surface of bus windows, PURETi’s photocatalytic properties help to naturally purify the air and eliminate unwanted odors inside the cabin of a bus. Healthy-Buses-Healthy-Kids-sign

PURETi Fresh is completely odorless and non-toxic, so bus passengers with sensitivities will enjoy clean, fresh air without any added perfumes or chemical fragrances.

The self-cleaning technology of PURETi products is taking the concept of green cleaning to a whole new level.  If you would like to learn more about the line of PURETi products available for both residential and commercial applications, contact us today or click here to order your supply.

Green Cleaning for Allergies and Asthma

allergies-asthmaDo you or someone in your home suffer from allergies or asthma?  If so, you know how it can interfere with life.  Many things can trigger allergy symptoms or contribute to an asthma flare, including common household allergens such as:

Mold and Mildew

Animal Dander
Dust Mites

Although these allergens are naturally occurring in most homes, you can protect your family with a superior level of clean.  The Grime Stoppers can destroy sickness-causing allergens with our advanced, non-toxic, eco-friendly treatments.

Electrostatic Sanitization with Vital Oxide

Allergens in the air of your home are inhaled by your family and can cause a range of health problems, but a powerful sanitization treatment will stop the offenders where they fly.  Grime Stoppers offers odorless, non-toxic, complete sanitization with Vital Oxide.  Our electrostatic spraying technology will reach into every crack and crevice in your home to instantly terminate mold spores and other airborne allergens that can make your family sick.

Our Vital Oxide treatments can be completed quickly and are immediately effective.  You will enjoy a clean, healthy environment in your home with absolutely zero chemical odors or residue.

Eliminate Infectious Critters with DustMiteX

Dust mites are the #1 allergen in most homes.  Dust mites are microscopic insects that populate the soft surfaces of your home like carpets, bedding, and furniture.  You can vacuum your home every single day, but you’ll never get rid of dust mites without an effective dust mite control product.8oz_dustmite_large

DustMiteX by The Ecology Works® is a specially formulated borate compound that continuously kills dust mites for up to six months.  This treatment is clear, odorless and completely safe for your family while also being remarkably effective.  You can purchase DustMiteX or DustMite and Flea Control for DIY applications, or Grime Stoppers can professionally treat your whole home for you.

Hospital-Grade Air Purification with PURETi

PURETi is the most innovative green clean product on the market today.  When applied to windows and light fixtures, PURETi’s amazing air purification technology is activated by light to continuously oxidize particulates in the air for an extended period of time.

PURETi Fresh products can be purchased for DIY application and will keep the air in your home pure and fresh for 3-6 months.  A professional application of PURETi is guaranteed for continuous air purification for 3 years.

If you are looking for relief for allergy or asthma symptoms, contact the Grime Stoppers today.  We can deep clean your carpets to remove dirt and dust then attack other airborne and resistant offenders with our superior cleaning products and advanced technology.  Your whole home will be sanitized and purified for a safer, healthier environment for you and your family.

Don’t You Hate Smelly Rental Cars? PURETi To The Rescue!

10-2000-Dodge-Stratus-ES-in-Junkyard-Picture-courtesy-of-Murilee-Martin-450x337When a car is passed around to lots of drivers, it can hold onto lots and lots of smells.  Odors from different foods, colognes, pets and more can saturate the interior of a rental car and make for a less-than-pleasant driving experience for the next customer.

To curb the stench and keep rental cars smelling fresh and clean, PURETi offers innovative treatments that are both highly effective and incredibly eco-friendly.  With one simple application, PURETi Fresh gradually and continuously combats odors for months, including even tough smells from cigarette smoke and other harmful VOCs.

How Does PURETi Fresh Work?

The active ingredient in PURETi Fresh uses the energy from natural sunlight to safely break down and eliminate organic grime, pollutants and odors.  When applied to the glass surfaces of a vehicle, PURETi Fresh keeps the treated glass cleaner, resists fogging and significantly improves the air quality inside the car.

PURETi Fresh is an ideal solution for rental cars because one treatment keeps working for an extended amount of time.  A vehicle might transport hundreds of different people over the course of a few months, but it will remain odor free the whole time.

Simple Application

Maintenance staff or operators can easily apply PURETi Fresh.  The product comes in a simple spray bottle and is paired with a reusable microfiber towel.  Just spray the product on the glass surfaces of a rental car and wipe it clean.  Whenever the vehicle is exposed to sunlight, a unique chemical reaction will dissipate odors while continuously improving visibility through the windows.

Clean Not Camouflaged

PURETi Fresh doesn’t just mask odors; it actually eliminates them.  Treated rental cars will smell like nothing other than pure, fresh air – no strong perfumes or chemical odors whatsoever.  This product is truly remarkable in the way that it can destroy tough odors without leaving behind any obvious scent of its own.

Safe, Effective, Economical and Eco-Friendly

Customer expectations are becoming increasingly focused on safety and sustainability.  Meanwhile, rental car companies need products that work well and can ultimately help boost profit margins.  Never before has a single product been able to address so many issues in such an innovative way.  PURETi Fresh is a comprehensive solution for companies and customers alike.

PURETi Fresh is a sustainable product created by an environmentally responsible manufacturer.  Rental car companies, taxis, commercial fleet vehicles and mass transit vehicles can all benefit from the unmatched value that PURETi delivers.

To learn more about how PURETi products can help your business increase customer satisfaction while reducing maintenance costs, contact The Grime Stoppers today!

Introducing PURETi: The New Standard of Clean

pureti-logolargeIn 2007, the award winning Sustainable Building Program at Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) tested a new product for its continuing green initiatives.  The product was applied to the façade of a building and the effects of the product were observed over time.

In 2009, LACCD determined that the treated building had required substantially less maintenance than other buildings and appeared much cleaner.  The District then decided to capitalize on the success of the product and had another one million square feet of building roofs, windows and facades treated.

Clean, GREEN and Health-Enhancing: The Science of PURETi

PURETi is an innovative product developed to reduce maintenance and improve air quality through photocatalysisPhotocatalysis (also known as UV-PCO or photocatalytic oxidation) is a natural process that uses the mineral, Titania, as a catalyst to activate the energy of the sun for the purpose of oxidizing organic matter at the molecular level.

PURETi is a safe and effective mixture of Titanium Dioxide and water that can be applied to any surface that is exposed to UVA light.  The photocatalytic oxidation process will keep treated surfaces sanitized and free of particulate matter for an extended period of time.

  • A single PURETi treatment to exterior surfaces, such as windows, building façades, hardscapes, roofs, and outdoor fabrics is proven effective at reducing maintenance and mitigating air pollution for a minimum of 5 years.

Indoor surfaces, such as curtains, interior window glass and light fixtures, can be treated with PURETi to significantly improve indoor air quality, control odors, and minimize organic particulates that can negatively impact health for a minimum of 3 years.

PURETi Reduces Maintenance Costs Up To 50%

By eliminating the use of water, chemicals, energy and labor, PURETi can reduce maintenance costs by up to 50%.  Treated surfaces actually become self-cleaning, health-enhancing air purifiers.  A reduction in maintenance expenses also means a reduced cost of building ownership.

In addition to treating buildings, PURETi is also effective at reducing vehicle maintenance costs.  The photocatalytic oxidation process has been proven by NASA and several Universities to be effective in eliminating, not masking, odors in cars, trucks and busses.

Scientifically Proven for Safety & Efficacy

PURETi, Inc. is a NASA Dual Use Technology Partner and has been registered by the National Sanitation Foundation as safe for material surface contact.  It has also been proven as a key active in an FDA Registered Class II Medical Device for reducing respiratory distress.

Professional or Self-Application Options

PURETi can be professionally applied for commercial purposes, or it can also be purchased for residential applications.

Grime Stoppers is the ONLY company in the Metro East St. Louis area to offer this innovative product.  To learn more about what PURETi can do for your home or business, contact us today.