Don’t You Hate Smelly Rental Cars? PURETi To The Rescue!

10-2000-Dodge-Stratus-ES-in-Junkyard-Picture-courtesy-of-Murilee-Martin-450x337When a car is passed around to lots of drivers, it can hold onto lots and lots of smells.  Odors from different foods, colognes, pets and more can saturate the interior of a rental car and make for a less-than-pleasant driving experience for the next customer.

To curb the stench and keep rental cars smelling fresh and clean, PURETi offers innovative treatments that are both highly effective and incredibly eco-friendly.  With one simple application, PURETi Fresh gradually and continuously combats odors for months, including even tough smells from cigarette smoke and other harmful VOCs.

How Does PURETi Fresh Work?

The active ingredient in PURETi Fresh uses the energy from natural sunlight to safely break down and eliminate organic grime, pollutants and odors.  When applied to the glass surfaces of a vehicle, PURETi Fresh keeps the treated glass cleaner, resists fogging and significantly improves the air quality inside the car.

PURETi Fresh is an ideal solution for rental cars because one treatment keeps working for an extended amount of time.  A vehicle might transport hundreds of different people over the course of a few months, but it will remain odor free the whole time.

Simple Application

Maintenance staff or operators can easily apply PURETi Fresh.  The product comes in a simple spray bottle and is paired with a reusable microfiber towel.  Just spray the product on the glass surfaces of a rental car and wipe it clean.  Whenever the vehicle is exposed to sunlight, a unique chemical reaction will dissipate odors while continuously improving visibility through the windows.

Clean Not Camouflaged

PURETi Fresh doesn’t just mask odors; it actually eliminates them.  Treated rental cars will smell like nothing other than pure, fresh air – no strong perfumes or chemical odors whatsoever.  This product is truly remarkable in the way that it can destroy tough odors without leaving behind any obvious scent of its own.

Safe, Effective, Economical and Eco-Friendly

Customer expectations are becoming increasingly focused on safety and sustainability.  Meanwhile, rental car companies need products that work well and can ultimately help boost profit margins.  Never before has a single product been able to address so many issues in such an innovative way.  PURETi Fresh is a comprehensive solution for companies and customers alike.

PURETi Fresh is a sustainable product created by an environmentally responsible manufacturer.  Rental car companies, taxis, commercial fleet vehicles and mass transit vehicles can all benefit from the unmatched value that PURETi delivers.

To learn more about how PURETi products can help your business increase customer satisfaction while reducing maintenance costs, contact The Grime Stoppers today!