What Can New Parents Use to Clean With That Is Safe For Baby?

120430040327-baby-infant-pacifier-breast-feeding-story-top-1Everything gets a little more complicated once you introduce a baby into your home, especially choosing the safest cleaning products.  Most disinfecting cleaning products, like chlorine bleach, contain harsh chemicals that are harmful for adults to come in contact with, let alone babies and children. But the disinfectant Vital Oxide uses chlorine dioxide instead of bleach, making it a much safer cleaning and disinfecting product.

How is Vital Oxide Safe For Baby?

While most other cleaning products that remove mold and bacteria contain harsh chemicals that can cause health issues, Vital Oxide contains no ozone harming volatile compounds and does not emit any dangerous by-products. This means it won’t cause eye irritation, headaches, rashes, or nausea like other common, harsh chemicals found under your sink. It is ecologically sound and non-corrosive, so it does not irritate skin and will not damage surfaces. In addition, Vital Oxide is a no-rinse required sanitizer that is still safe for your baby even if your surfaces are not rinsed with water after application.

Where Can I Use Vital Oxide That Will Be Safe For Children?

You can use Vital Oxide to safely clean most areas where children and babies will be. It is a disinfectant, odor eliminator, and mold and mildew remover. Because of this, it can replace a variety of harmful cleaning products you may have in your home that are not safe for children. Nearly any area that your child or baby will be can be cleaned safely with Vital Oxide.


Vital Oxide can be used to clean bathroom floors, shower curtains, mirrors, sinks, bathtubs, showers, drains, and toilets. All of these areas will be safe for your child if they are cleaned with mild, non-corrosive Vital Oxide.


In addition to bathroom surfaces, Vital Oxide can safely clean your kitchen as well. The stove, refrigerator, trash can, floor, counter top, appliances, and cutting boards can all be cleaned without emitting harmful by-products that could come in contact with your baby.


Mold and mildew can be found almost anywhere there is moisture, and this can trigger asthma attacks or allergies. To protect your child from these health risks, you can safely treat basements, bathrooms, and other places with Vital Oxide.


Let’s face it.  Hauling a baby around in the car can be messy business. From baby spit-up to diaper disasters, Vital Oxide is the solution. Not only does it safely disinfect so the area is safe for children, but it also eliminates any residual odor.

Diaper Bags

Vital Oxide is safe and gentle enough to disinfect and eliminate odors from diaper bags and pails.

Where Can I Get Vital Oxide?

The Grime Stoppers sells convenient sizes of Vital Oxide for DIY use. The 3oz spray bottle is convenient for use on the go, while the 32oz spray bottle is perfect for use at home. Vital Oxide can also be professionally applied to large areas using electrostatic spraying technology.

If you have any questions about eco-friendly and child friendly cleaning products, or if you would like Grime Stoppers to professionally disinfect your home with our electrostatic Vital Oxide application, contact us today or call 618-223-8445.

Smelly Bathroom? It Might Be Your Grout

smelly-bathroom-odorsWe all know that bathrooms can hold mysterious odors, but did you know your grout could be the culprit? Do you know how to clean grout to get rid of the funk and prevent future odors? After understanding what causes grout odor, you can better attempt to fix the problem. We have some helpful do’s and don’ts on how to combat this unpleasant problem.

What Causes Grout Odor?

Grout odor is caused by bacteria, mold, mildew, or other contaminants absorbed into the floor. Grout is especially good at cultivating bacteria because it is porous and hard to clean. The good news is that an effective initial deep cleaning and regularly scheduled cleanings after that can eliminate the smell. The bad news is traditional cleaning methods won’t do the trick on tile or grout.

The mop is often the go-to cleaning tool for bathrooms. Unfortunately, mops don’t eliminate bacteria and can even worsen grout contamination because they essentially just spread bacteria around the floor.  As soon as the mop is dipped back in the bucket, the rest of the cleaning solution is contaminated and your remaining cleaning efforts are ineffective.

The inefficiencies of mopping can actually worsen grout odor. Because grout is so rough and porous, a mop has no way of penetrating that surface and removing impurities. Oftentimes, the groove between the tile and grout can even pull contaminants out of the mop and transfer them into the grout’s pores.

However, there is still hope for cleaning your bathroom floors and eliminating grout odor.

What Can You Do To Eliminate Grout Odor?

Now that you know what causes grout odor and how not to address it, you’re ready for the do’s on eliminating grout odor.

One way to clean your bathroom floors involves using an acid solution and a stiff bristled brush to vigorously scrub the tile.  However, this is tedious and daily cleaning is recommended. Who has time for that? Not to mention the amount of harsh chemicals you and your bathroom will be exposed to.

New technologies and businesses that specialize in floor cleaning have made it easier and more convenient than ever to effectively remove odor-causing impurities from grout. Vacuum extraction systems use a cleaning solution and vacuum process to clean bathroom floors. The cleaning solution works to agitate soils for the vacuum.  Then, the vacuum uses water pressure in a suction dome to lift the cleaning solution, remove all contaminants, and dry the floor.

The Grime Stoppers have advanced soil removing technology that deep cleans floors and removes grout stains and odors.  Our non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solution loosens up bacteria and grime that has been ground into your floors. We specialize in cleaning, coating, and maintaining tile and grout.  This means cleaner floors, less maintenance, and fewer harsh chemicals.

Our patented cleaning tools can make your floors look brand new. We offer monthly maintenance and all of our work is guaranteed.  If you are interested in having your floors pampered with a deep clean, durable coating and regular maintenance, contact The Grime Stoppers today.

Reduce Truck Fleet Maintenance with PURETi Fresh

transporttabKeeping the interior of your company’s fleet vehicles clean is just as important as keeping the outside clean.  You want clean windows and a fresh smelling interior for your employees and customers.  PURETi Fresh is the answer.

PURETi Fresh is an environmentally friendly, water-based photo-catalytic glass cleaner that also cleans the air.  PURETi Fresh’s active ingredient uses the energy from natural sunlight to break down organic grime, odor, and pollutants.  While in the sunlight, treated interior glass keeps itself cleaner, resists fogging, and improves the air quality inside fleet vehicles.  Just one application reduces smoke and food odors for months at a time.  It also helps minimize dust buildup on the dashboard because it oxidizes particulate matter.

Benefits of PURETi Fresh for Truck Fleet Maintenance

Improved Fleet Vehicle Interior Air Quality
PURETi Fresh breaks down VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) that impact human health.  It uses photo-catalytic titania to oxidize organic micro-particles including many harmful pollutants typically found in vehicles. 

Odor Elimination
When applied to interior windows on fleet vehicles, PURETi Fresh will deliver the benefit of powerful odor elimination.  Many products mask odors, but PURETi Fresh is different.  PURETi Fresh combines a high quality, streak-free glass cleaner with light-activated technology that actually destroys odors.  When your fleet vehicle is exposed to light after applying PURETi Fresh, the windows will work to destroy lingering odors.

Cost Savings
Cleaner surfaces mean reduced maintenance, saving your company up to 50% in water, energy, and labor costs.

The Problem with Dirty Fleet Vehicle Windows 

Hazing, fogging, and film buildup can obscure the driver’s vision.  The formula In PURETi Fresh reduces the hassle of regularly cleaning fleet vehicle windows because it keeps working even after the initial application.  Regular window cleaners only work for a day, but PURETi Fresh continues to work for months afterwards.

PURETi Fresh: Frequently Asked Questions


How long does PURETi Fresh last?  Under normal conditions, you can expect it to last 3-6 months.  Use of harsh chemicals or hard scrubbing can remove the product.

What if my fleet vehicles are parked in a covered garage and not out in the sunlight all day?  UVA light is the natural energy that powers PURETi Fresh.  Light must be present to utilize the benefits of the product.

What if I accidentally get PURETi Fresh on the leather or fabric of my fleet vehicle?  PURETi Fresh will not stain or damage most surfaces.  If you get some on your fabric or leather, simply wipe the area clean with a wet cloth before it dries.

Can I spray the outside of my windows with PURETi Fresh?  This product is specifically designed and approved for interior use only.

Contact Grime Stoppers today for more information or to order your supply of PURETi Fresh!

We Survived Winter, But Now It Is Time For Spring Cleaning!

Spring-Cleaning-ADIt’s been a long, cold winter, but spring is almost here!  We’re betting that like us, you’re ready to open up your home and start enjoying some warmer weather and fresh air.

We know, however, that once you open up your windows and get out in the yard, you’ll invite more than spring air inside.  Dirt, mud, pollen, and debris are also likely to make their way into your living spaces.

To help you keep your home fresh and healthy this spring season, we have a few simple cleaning tips and tricks.

Catch Dirt with Door Mats

If you don’t already have door mats on the both the inside and outside of your entryway doors, now is the time to get some.  A durable, textured welcome mat outside can catch large particles and debris from shoes before people enter your home, then a softer mat on the interior side of the doorway will help catch finer dirt and pollen before it gets tracked throughout your house.

House Rules: Wear House Shoes!

Did you know that bare feet and soiled socks are actually worse for your floors than wearing shoes?  The oils on the bottom of your feet create a film on hard floors and carpets that isn’t easily cleaned away.  If you really want to keep your home clean and protect your flooring, enforce a house shoe rule.  Once your family steps inside, insist that street shoes come off and dedicated house shoes go on.

Vow to Vacuum

This seems obvious, but you might be surprised how much of a difference regular vacuuming can make.  We would recommend that you vacuum all the floors in your home at least once a week, and aim to tackle high traffic areas like entryways and kitchens more often.  The longer dirt and debris is left on a floor, the more likely it is to bond with oily residues and become embedded in carpet fibers and lodged in the crevices of hard floors.  When this happens, it can become a breeding ground for biofilms and tough odors.

Mop Like You Mean It

You’ve probably seen infomercials for floor cleaning tools where dirty mop water just gets pushed around the floor.  While those videos are grossly extreme, there is validity in the basic concept.  When you mop your floor, make sure you use a clean mop and be careful to change your mop water when you can no longer see to the bottom of your mopping bucket.  If you prefer using disposable or reusable mopping cloths, you may need to use more than one to effectively clean all your hard floors.  We especially recommend swapping out your water or mopping cloth after cleaning a greasy kitchen floor or when cleaning around toilets.  You don’t want to spread that stuff around the rest of your home!

Use a Triple-Duty Glass Cleaner

Since most of the dirt in your home will be tracked onto your floors, that’s been the focus of the tips above, but this trick really plays triple duty.  After a long winter, your windows probably need a good scrubbing to let all that springtime sun shine through.  We suggest using a cleaning product that not only cleans the glass on your windows, but also will keep them clean for several months AND help purify the air in your home.  PURETi Fresh is a groundbreaking product that is environmentally friendly, odorless, and incredibly powerful.  Your glass will gleam and the air inside your home will be fresh and clean as well.

For more spring-cleaning advice from the green cleaning experts, contact Grime Stoppers today!

PURETi for Mass Transit – An Innovative Cleaning Solution for Buses

Multiple-School-BusesWe are really excited about the new PURETi product line and want to share some of the incredible ways this technology can be used in a wide variety of applications.  PURETi products are highly effective for residential uses, as we’ve discussed in earlier blog posts, but PURETi can also be extremely valuable for commercial purposes.

Just as it can help keep cars clean and odor-free, PURETi is an innovative cleaning product that can be used to help minimize maintenance and increase air quality for mass transit buses. The cleaning power of PURETi is also extremely long lasting, so just a single treatment can keep working for 3-6 months.

Self-Cleaning Windows

Have you ever thought about how much grime can build up on the inside of bus windows as passengers lean on and look out of them while traveling?   Just like any other passenger vehicle, bus interiors are exposed to hydrocarbons and petrochemicals that can be released by plastic materials, exhaust, particulate matter, and other compounds that are oily in nature.  These substances can quickly build up on windows, creating a dingy, dirty film.

It seems pretty obvious that transportation companies would want to control that nasty grime for improved passenger comfort and satisfaction.  The solution: PURETi Fresh.

This product is an environmentally friendly glass cleaner that uses natural energy from sunlight to safely break down and oxidize organic grime that can create a dirty film on windows.  The surface of the treated glass will stay cleaner for longer and will resist fogging better than with traditional cleaners.  This reduces labor costs related to cleaning bus interiors and also saves energy and resources over other cleaning methods.

PURETi Fresh not only helps keep windows clean for up to 6 months after being treated, but those windows also help keep the rest of the bus interior cleaner.

How? You ask.  PURETi not only works on the windows, but also works to oxidize particulates and malodors in the air.

PURETi for Buses: Improved Air Quality

The active ingredient in PURETi Fresh is titanium dioxide (TiO2).   The TiO2 compound in PURETi Fresh acts as a photocatalyst, harnessing the energy from natural sunlight to create a chemical reaction that oxidizes organic particulates.  When applied to the interior surface of bus windows, PURETi’s photocatalytic properties help to naturally purify the air and eliminate unwanted odors inside the cabin of a bus. Healthy-Buses-Healthy-Kids-sign

PURETi Fresh is completely odorless and non-toxic, so bus passengers with sensitivities will enjoy clean, fresh air without any added perfumes or chemical fragrances.

The self-cleaning technology of PURETi products is taking the concept of green cleaning to a whole new level.  If you would like to learn more about the line of PURETi products available for both residential and commercial applications, contact us today or click here to order your supply.

Help! I Spilled Red Wine On My Carpet…Now What?

red-wine-stainsEver had this problem?  You’re having a great time until the agonizing moment when you accidentally spill a glass of red wine on your carpet.

Panic sets in, but have no fear! The Grime Stoppers are here!

When treated quickly and correctly, red wine doesn’t have to ruin your carpet.  We have some handy tips and tricks to tackle the stain before it sets in.

You will need the following:

  1. Paper towels or several clean, absorbent white cloths
  2. A spray bottle filled with clean water

Blot Don’t Scrub!

One of the worst things you can do to any carpet stain is scrub it.  Vigorous back and forth motions will only push the liquid around and further down into the carpet fibers, setting in the stain and making it more difficult to remove.

Instead, get a clean, absorbent white cloth and immediately try to blot up as much of the liquid as possible.  Blotting means to gently dab the cloth up and down over the spill.  Do not use too much pressure; just let the absorbency of your cloth do most of the work.  Try not to move the fibers of your carpet around because you’ll only expose the liquid to a larger surface area. If you have stain resistant carpet, the technology should help repel the moisture for a little while, but you need to act quickly.  The more red wine you can soak up with your blotting cloth, the less you’ll need to extract from the carpet later.

Add Water… Then Blot Some More!

After you’ve blotted up as much of the standing liquid as you can, spritz the stain with clean, cold water.  This will help dilute the remaining wine and allow you to blot up a bit more color.  Continue this process until your white cloth is no longer picking up any trace of red wine.

Do NOT Apply OTC Chemical Cleaners!

In most cases, just the first two simple steps will clean up the mess and leave your carpet stain-free.  If you still see some color, however, please resist the urge to do more yourself!  Red wine is an organic stain that can easily be removed with professional-grade stain removal systems, but if you apply chemical solutions to it (like over-the-counter cleaners), you might set the stain or worse, damage your carpet beyond repair.

Instead, call the Grime Stoppers and we will come to your rescue with our eco-friendly, non-toxic Procyon spot treatment and professional extraction equipment. In the end, your carpet will show zero evidence of the wine crime.

Even if you missed your window of opportunity and it seems that the stain has already set in, call us right away and we can help!  Our advanced carpet cleaning technology will work wonders.

Green Cleaning for Allergies and Asthma

allergies-asthmaDo you or someone in your home suffer from allergies or asthma?  If so, you know how it can interfere with life.  Many things can trigger allergy symptoms or contribute to an asthma flare, including common household allergens such as:

Mold and Mildew

Animal Dander
Dust Mites

Although these allergens are naturally occurring in most homes, you can protect your family with a superior level of clean.  The Grime Stoppers can destroy sickness-causing allergens with our advanced, non-toxic, eco-friendly treatments.

Electrostatic Sanitization with Vital Oxide

Allergens in the air of your home are inhaled by your family and can cause a range of health problems, but a powerful sanitization treatment will stop the offenders where they fly.  Grime Stoppers offers odorless, non-toxic, complete sanitization with Vital Oxide.  Our electrostatic spraying technology will reach into every crack and crevice in your home to instantly terminate mold spores and other airborne allergens that can make your family sick.

Our Vital Oxide treatments can be completed quickly and are immediately effective.  You will enjoy a clean, healthy environment in your home with absolutely zero chemical odors or residue.

Eliminate Infectious Critters with DustMiteX

Dust mites are the #1 allergen in most homes.  Dust mites are microscopic insects that populate the soft surfaces of your home like carpets, bedding, and furniture.  You can vacuum your home every single day, but you’ll never get rid of dust mites without an effective dust mite control product.8oz_dustmite_large

DustMiteX by The Ecology Works® is a specially formulated borate compound that continuously kills dust mites for up to six months.  This treatment is clear, odorless and completely safe for your family while also being remarkably effective.  You can purchase DustMiteX or DustMite and Flea Control for DIY applications, or Grime Stoppers can professionally treat your whole home for you.

Hospital-Grade Air Purification with PURETi

PURETi is the most innovative green clean product on the market today.  When applied to windows and light fixtures, PURETi’s amazing air purification technology is activated by light to continuously oxidize particulates in the air for an extended period of time.

PURETi Fresh products can be purchased for DIY application and will keep the air in your home pure and fresh for 3-6 months.  A professional application of PURETi is guaranteed for continuous air purification for 3 years.

If you are looking for relief for allergy or asthma symptoms, contact the Grime Stoppers today.  We can deep clean your carpets to remove dirt and dust then attack other airborne and resistant offenders with our superior cleaning products and advanced technology.  Your whole home will be sanitized and purified for a safer, healthier environment for you and your family.

Don’t You Hate Smelly Rental Cars? PURETi To The Rescue!

10-2000-Dodge-Stratus-ES-in-Junkyard-Picture-courtesy-of-Murilee-Martin-450x337When a car is passed around to lots of drivers, it can hold onto lots and lots of smells.  Odors from different foods, colognes, pets and more can saturate the interior of a rental car and make for a less-than-pleasant driving experience for the next customer.

To curb the stench and keep rental cars smelling fresh and clean, PURETi offers innovative treatments that are both highly effective and incredibly eco-friendly.  With one simple application, PURETi Fresh gradually and continuously combats odors for months, including even tough smells from cigarette smoke and other harmful VOCs.

How Does PURETi Fresh Work?

The active ingredient in PURETi Fresh uses the energy from natural sunlight to safely break down and eliminate organic grime, pollutants and odors.  When applied to the glass surfaces of a vehicle, PURETi Fresh keeps the treated glass cleaner, resists fogging and significantly improves the air quality inside the car.

PURETi Fresh is an ideal solution for rental cars because one treatment keeps working for an extended amount of time.  A vehicle might transport hundreds of different people over the course of a few months, but it will remain odor free the whole time.

Simple Application

Maintenance staff or operators can easily apply PURETi Fresh.  The product comes in a simple spray bottle and is paired with a reusable microfiber towel.  Just spray the product on the glass surfaces of a rental car and wipe it clean.  Whenever the vehicle is exposed to sunlight, a unique chemical reaction will dissipate odors while continuously improving visibility through the windows.

Clean Not Camouflaged

PURETi Fresh doesn’t just mask odors; it actually eliminates them.  Treated rental cars will smell like nothing other than pure, fresh air – no strong perfumes or chemical odors whatsoever.  This product is truly remarkable in the way that it can destroy tough odors without leaving behind any obvious scent of its own.

Safe, Effective, Economical and Eco-Friendly

Customer expectations are becoming increasingly focused on safety and sustainability.  Meanwhile, rental car companies need products that work well and can ultimately help boost profit margins.  Never before has a single product been able to address so many issues in such an innovative way.  PURETi Fresh is a comprehensive solution for companies and customers alike.

PURETi Fresh is a sustainable product created by an environmentally responsible manufacturer.  Rental car companies, taxis, commercial fleet vehicles and mass transit vehicles can all benefit from the unmatched value that PURETi delivers.

To learn more about how PURETi products can help your business increase customer satisfaction while reducing maintenance costs, contact The Grime Stoppers today!

Got Pets? Vital Oxide Gets Rid of Tough Pet Odors

stain_cleaningThe story you’re about to read is true.  Reader discretion is advised.

A few months ago we received a distress call from a customer who had returned from a vacation to discover an intruder in their home.  The damage this intruder caused was unimaginable.

No, it was not a burglar.  It was a… SKUNK! The creature had taken up residence inside the home for several days while the homeowner was away and offensively sprayed its atrocious odor through the entire house.

After the animal was finally caught and removed from the home, The Grime Stoppers were called in for damage control.  Armed with our trusted supply of Vital Oxide, we fogged the interior of the home and deep cleaned the carpets.  Within 24 hours, the intense odor that had plagued the space was nearly undetectable.

Now, the skunk obviously wasn’t a pet and this was a very extreme case of animal odor, but this true story does clearly demonstrate the impressive effectiveness of a Vital Oxide treatment.

What Causes Lingering Pet Odors?

For most homeowners with pets, lingering animal odors can be a problem.  Dogs, cats, birds, ferrets – you name it, we’ve probably cleaned up after it.  Vital Oxide is an advanced disinfectant that outperforms typical cleaners by effectively destroying the biofilms that cause tough pet odors.


Biofilm at 1200X Magnification

A biofilm is a microscopic colony of bacteria and germs that is strong and resistant to most cleaning agents.  As you can imagine, pet messes like bathroom accidents and vomit can easily become a source for biofilms if not properly treated.  Once established, a biofilm will continue to grow rapidly, usually accompanied by an unpleasant odor.

Unless you address the underlying source of the odor (the bacteria), no amount of air freshener or topical cleaner will help.  Vital Oxide is different, however, because it is specifically designed to sanitize, disinfect and sterilize surfaces to eliminate germs and bacteria at the microbial level.

Vital Oxide is an EPA-registered disinfectant that is proven to effectively kill 99.999% of all bacteria.  When applied with a steam cleaner, it will remove smoke particles and pet stains from carpets and other fabric fibers. Vital Oxide can also be professionally sprayed to attack odors and harmful spores in the air.  It will get rid of all foul odors in your home without leaving behind any chemical residue.  Vital Oxide is non-toxic and completely odorless so your home will simply smell pure and fresh.

Lingering pet odors from urine, fecal matter, vomit, slobber, dander and any other nastiness are most likely spreading through your home on the back of a resilient biofilm.  To stop the stink in its tracks, contact The Grime Stoppers today and ask about our Vital Oxide treatments for odor control in your home.

Vital-Oxide for Safely Disinfecting and Sanitizing Healthcare Facilities

RD-Weis-Companies-Full-Service-Commercial-Flooring-Carpet-Maintenance-Installation02As winter sets in, healthcare facilities in the Metro East St. Louis area often experience an influx of sick patients and an increased need to disinfect against health threatening microbes.  Cleaning methods and processes for these facilities must adhere to strict guidelines in order to keep occupants safe, sometimes making it complex to choose just the right products and applications.

Protecting Patients and Caregivers

Cleaning products with heavy odors or corrosive properties can be very dangerous, especially in places like medical offices, clinics, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities where people may have extreme sensitivities.  Vital-Oxide is not a harsh chemical cleaner like bleach or other disinfectants.  Instead, it is an odorless, eco-friendly, non-toxic and non-corrosive disinfectant that is not irritating to the skin.  It is EPA registered to safely and effectively clean a wide range of surfaces including:

  • Stainless steel, tile and other hard surfaces
  • Stone and other porous surfaces
  • Carpeting, colorfast fabrics, clothing and linens

Vital-Oxide is NSF approved for food preparation surfaces even without rinsing, and it will not stain or discolor any surface or material.  It eliminates mold and mildew and completely removes odors at the molecular level.  Vital-Oxide solution can also be directly applied or added to a washer to effectively remove bloodstains and other body fluids.

Hospital-Grade Antimicrobial Action

Vital-Oxide helps healthcare facilities limit exposure to harmful pathogens. It has been University and Lab tested under GLP standards to effectively perform against a wide variety of bacteria, yeasts, viruses, fungi, spores and other microbes including:

  • Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureau (MRSA)
  • Norovirus
  • Salmonella
  • Legionella Pneumophilia
  • E. Coli
  • H1N1 Virus (Swine Flu)
  • Hepatitis B & C
  • HIV

Vital-Oxide is effective at low concentrations, over a wide pH range.  It eliminates allergens and also kills and prevents biofilm.

Benefits of Professional Application

Grime Stoppers uses an innovative and highly effective application method for Vital-Oxide known as electrostatic spraying.  This method adds an electrostatic charge to the droplets of disinfecting solution, pulling the spray toward the target at 75 times the force of gravity.  This intensified pull creates what is known as electrostatic “wraparound;” a 360-degree coating of disinfectant to completely clean and sanitize every inch of the treated area.

A high quality professional application of Vital-Oxide is an economical way to provide a healthy environment for patients and caregivers in healthcare facilities.  Our electrostatic spraying technology uses less solution than other application methods and can quickly treat sizable areas with superior coverage.  The highly trained technicians with Grime Stoppers are able to work quickly so that treated areas can usually be used in 30 minutes or less.

In addition to providing better coverage more efficiently, professional application of Vital-Oxide also eliminates cross-contamination risks that can otherwise be associated with spray-and-wipe methods of cleaning.

For complete sanitation, disinfecting and odor control in your healthcare facility, contact Grime Stoppers today to learn more about Vital-Oxide.